Our Vision and Our Mission


Our path is the one of efficient management...


Building confidence in the skills we achieved…

The art of motivation is based on the ability to formulate clear objectives, to ensure the free flow of information and to make employees more involved in the key moments. We want to ensure our customers of our commitment to an increasingly higher-quality and of our goal to present each of them with “customized” solutions.

To better cope with stress, be more creative, make our objectives more transparent and strengthen confidence in the ability we have to reach them. For us, value means to pursue a balanced business administration, and for our customers, to establish fairness and trust in their relationships, while for our employees, it means to value the “person” and the work by enhancing their commitment and results.


Manelli Impresa is strictly observing the principles of transparency and data completeness in performing its activities of management of the financial resources and of subsequent reporting and keeping of accounting records. The Company plans to develop its activities with constant attention paid to preserving the environment. The environmental policy adopted by the Company is based on an activity of environmental awareness that involves all employees, the adoption of useful behaviours, such as recycling of used materials, waste management and attention paid to energy savings. The Company contributes to the social development of the territory on which it operates, combining the objective for economic efficiency with the social usefulness of its performances. In particular, the Company, through its business, provides services directly accessible to citizens, offering job and well-being opportunities, contributing to the economic, social and civil growth.

Legislative Decree n.231/2001 On December 2016 the Company adopted an Organization – Management – Control Model based on the Legislative Decree n.231/2001, which disciplines the legal persons’ administrative responsibility. The Company also appointed an independent supervisory body, in order to monitor the application of the Model. By integrating Quality, Environment and Security management systems with this organizational model, Manelli Impresa s.r.l. ensures more positive effects on the optimization and efficiency of their business performances.


copThe company is founded in 1973 by Vito Manelli, based on his gain of a great on-site experience, imposing himself with the overall management of construction orders. Based on these solid roots, Sergio O. Manelli (CEO and General Manager), together with a new generation, redirects the company towards new business horizons, working on technological innovations and employing qualified personnel. Today, the company which became in 2008 “Manelli Impresa S.R.L.” is a leader in the civil and industrial engineering. In the wake of accomplishing all the technical and organizational, as well as financial and economic demands, beyond the relevant experience acquired on the territory of Italy in executing construction works, the Company counts oneself on the short list of the General Contractors qualified to compete in national and international tenders.