St. Joseph Elderly Care Centre (Villa S. Giuseppe) in Livinallongo del Col di Lana, Belluno

Renovation and expansion of the Self-sufficient and Non Self-sufficient Elderly Care Centre

The general project involved the renovation and expansion of St. Joseph retirement home in Livinallongo del Col di Lana, located in an area owned by the Municipality, already used for nursing and health care-type services. The building was engineered and reorganized by means of an expansion and restructuring program, aiming to modernize the existing spaces in compliance with the new regulations currently in force and for the implementation of the elderly health care service. The project, currently delivered, was an extremely complex one due to the unique location of the building and to the requirement that the building should remain active throughout the renovation period, allowing the simultaneous extension, neighbouring the existing structure on North side, with a new building consisting in a basement and five floors above the ground. The area of the centre accommodating the nursing home is of approximately 6,500 square meters and will host a total of 66 users. With the newly-engineered solution, a better distribution of space is made, with a storage area complying with the new regulations and creation of new spaces properly fitted for the best performance of public services.

City Hall in Livinallongo del Col di Lana
Object of works
Renovation and expansion of the Self-sufficient and Non Self-sufficient Elderly Care Centre “St. Joseph Elderly Care Centre” (Villa S. Giuseppe)
Livinallongo del Col di Lana (BL)
Amount of works
€ 2.534.485,57
Execution period
2011 – 2016

The Nursing home is located near the town’s centre, its position allowing the viewer to enjoy a relaxing sight of the South-oriented mountainside. This optimal position lead to the idea of restructuring the existing centre, in spite of the difficulty of intervening in a location closed on several sides.
The building, in its previous state, was bordered to the North and West by the mountainside and to the East by a neighbouring building located at a distance of approximately 5 m. The expansion to the North has therefore resulted in a complex excavation and remodelling of the entire mountainside.


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