The Joint Research Centre

Framework Agreement no. 491795 regarding the tendering procedure JRC IPR 2014 C.5 0013/OC: BATCH NO. 1 – Construction and Renovation Works on buildings and infrastructure networks

Manelli Impresa S.R.L. was awarded in July 2014 an important Framework Agreement relating to construction and engineering works, renovation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures within the European Commission Joint Research Centre, with the offices in Ispra, in the Varese province. The Company works on a site with special characteristics for the much-important research functions carried within its premises, through a widely diversified range of construction and installation activities.

Delivered works or currently under construction:

  • Renovation of buildings for the construction of offices, meeting rooms and storage areas;
  • External works and systematisation;
  • Building of warehouses for special materials;
  • Civil engineering for the improvement of the of street lighting power lines and new electric cabinets;
  • New outdoor enclosures;
  • Demolition of buildings for creating new parking areas;
  • Construction of special reinforced concrete foundations for research laboratories;
  • Completion works to the rainwater sewerage system;
  • Completion works to the interiors of the ground floor and first floor of the European Union Pavilion on the Expo 2015 site in Rho (MI);
  • Renovation of buildings with the purpose of meeting the most restrictive requirements of the BREEAM Protocol (BRE Environmental Assessment Method), the first and the most widely spread assessment protocol, which sets the standard for sustainable housing of the highest quality and has become the de facto assessment criteria used for expressing the environmental performance of a building;
  • Test reports and assays on the reinforced concrete structures;
  • Laboratory building
European Commission Joint Research Centre
Object of works
Framework Agreement no. 491795 regarding the tendering procedure JRC IPR 2014 C.5 0013/OC: BATCH NO. 1 – Construction and Renovation Works on buildings and infrastructure networks
Ispra (VA)
Amount of works
€ 18.000.000,00
Execution period
2014 – 2018

Joint Research Centre: 7 research institutes located in five European Union Member States

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is a Directorate General of the European Commission: DG-JRC (Directorate General – Joint Research Centre), which has seven research institutes located in five EU Member States (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain).

JRC provides scientific and technical support to the engineering, development, implementation and monitoring of European Union policies in order to ensure the independence of research activities in relation to the private interests and national policies, as an essential condition to pursue its international mission.

JRC’s role is of coordination and research in the numerous national research foundations community networks, universities, advanced industry of the European Union member states, as well as of performance of an extensive set of independent research using the skills of the best European scientists who work permanently in the centre or only for certain research periods. In these laboratories, complex studies and experiments are conducted on behalf of the European institutions. JRC collaborates with foundations and networks outside Europe as well as with global networks in the scientific and legal field. JRC is currently led by the Czech Vladimir Šucha.


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