“Vittorio Emanuele II” Hospital – Bisceglie (BA)

Alignment to standards and renovation of the hospital in Bisceglie (BT)

The Hospital in Bisceglie made the object of an alternative execution to the project having as purpose the Hospital’s alignment to the technical norms and the re-systematisation works. In particular, through the funding available and based on the priorities of action, a set of works to be performed was identified, described below for each level of intervention.

“Vittorio Emanuele II” Hospital – Bisceglie (BA)
Object of works
Alignment to standards and renovation of the hospital in Bisceglie (BT)
Bisceglie (BT)
Amount of works
€ 2.757.282,82
Execution period
2011 – 2015

Central Pack Units, Transformer Station and Electric Generator Set

The project involved the complete replacement of the thermal power plant, together with a specific by-pass delivering functional continuity of systems without interrupting the Hospital’s activity. Furthermore, in order to ensure sufficient electrical power to the entire Hospital, a central cooling system has been installed, capable of supplying for the entire Hospital. For the electrical part, of a new MV/LV transformer station replaces the existing one, combined with a new generator set.
Fire extinguishing water reserve tank and pressurized-water power station

A new fire extinguishing water reserve tank and a pressurized-water power station have been set in place, including the execution of a new external water supply network, provided with connections for the internal pillars not included in the project.

New Operating Block


The project concerns the new operating rooms by implementing of a new block for expansion purposes. At the ground level, the original block consists of an additional entrance to the shaft of the two new elevators. To enable the execution of the future hot chamber, a foundation had to be laid that could include this health care service on the top floor.
Structural works and infill of the outer walls were executed on the first floor, including the installation of new exterior doors. The second floor has been affected by the construction of new operating rooms, including structural and highly specialized installation works, given the special purpose of the building. On the third floor, the flooring of the operating block was equipped for the installation of air treatment units.

Expansion of the Contagious Disease Control Department


The department underwent, on all its four levels, several functional space redeployment construction works, the completion of the structural elements on the new stair and elevator and the execution of new filter zones, adding to the finishing works, with special attention paid to the health safety aspects. In what concerns the technologic plants, works were executed on the climate control system and on the completion of the electrical and special systems. The flooring included the installation works operating the extension block pf the Contagious Disease Control Department.


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