Primary school and pedestrian square – Bisceglie (BAT)

MUNICIPALITY OF BISCEGLIE (BAT Province) – Urban renewal works in the P.E.E.P. 167 area of the City Plan: primary school and pedestrian square

The city plan known as P.E.E.P. (Economic and Popular Building Plan) in which are added the new square and the primary school, is a housing public plan of the Municipality of Bisceglie intended to establish more than 1500 inhabitans. The area is approximately 7.750 sqm and was divided in about 3.750 sqm for the square and about 4.000 sqm for the school. The building site was defined in an absolutely central position of the new residential district, to create a new aggregation center for the inhabitants. The location of the school allows the pupils to minimize their travel time from home.

THE NEW SQUARE – The space in front of the school is arranged with a central paved area and two lateral tree-lined green areas, recalling the Apulian tradition of the “municipality park” (villa comunale); the square gives the neighborhood a new urban garden, a meeting place for residents of all age at different times of the day and in different seasons. The square thus becomes a flexible place for outdoor activities of different nature (small musical and theatrical shows, outdoor cinema arenas, etc.) and also the right space for setting up the weekly market. The pavement of the square follows in the drawing the rhythm of the school’s bearing structures. The street furnitures are complete: benches, fountains, bicycle racks, four systems of public lighting, a public toilet.

Municipality of Bisceglie (BAT)
Object of works
Urban renewal works in the P.E.E.P. 167 area of the City Plan: primary school and pedestrian square.
Bisceglie (BAT)
Amount of works
€ 1.435.737,91
Execution period
2016 – 2017

THE NEW SCHOOL – The new school will become for the square a true architectural background, not only with a functional central role, but also on an urban scale. The project is primarily intended to the best comfort of the little children. The building is designed for up to 180 pupils and consists of a single block with two different heights: 2.70 m for service areas and 3.40 m for teaching areas. The compact outer block has an inner courtyard, with an irregular curvilinear shape, delimited by a ring space with the dual function of distribution aisle and home for the pupils’ free activities. The same corridor emerges on the square “invading” the urban area with a windowed space, which provides a double entrance to the school. The rooms are divided to accommodate both the common and the service spaces towards the public square, while in the quieter back are located the six teaching sections. The bearing walls are made of thermo-brick blocks. The structures of the entrance enclosures and the central ring corridor are made of metal carpentry.The interior details are made only with materials chosen according to the high quality performances required for the use in such a school. The building has a considerable amount of glazed surfaces, both internal and external and also differently exposed: the natural lighting values are in fact far superior to the regulatory requirements, while direct solar lighting is filtered and controlled: some outdoor fixtures are protected by wood or reinforced concrete canopies. The school’s gardens are an ideal continuation of the public square, while in the inner court there are trees that will guarantee a further shadowing and will change the athmosphere of the courtyard depending on the season change. Some technical improvements were added to the original project during the tender procedure:
– installation of a photovoltaic plant on the roof;
– replacement / integration of traditional lighting systems with LED electrical equipments;
– rain water collection and reuse for the garden irrigation and the flushing of the toilets.


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