value of production in millions of EUR

The estimation of the year 2021 is a production value of approximately € 100.000.00,00 tanks to the backlog portfolio orders, including:

  • CEPAV DUE – CONSORZIO ENI PER L’ALTA VELOCITÀ – Tender 4 Lugana – Frassino ovest – Execution of civil works for the construction of the Milan-Verona HS/HC railway line – Total amount: € 106.108.625,18
  • VIVIA BARI S.R.L. – Construction of 200 apartments in Via Fanelli – Bari – Total amount: € 65.000.000,00
  • COMMISSARIO STRAORDINARIO DEL GOVERNO PRESSO LA LIGURIA – 2° Lot of works of construction of a tunnelled floodway of the Bisagno creek in Genova – Total amount: € 54.298.410,71
  • ANAS SPA – Three-year framework agreement for the execution of extraordinary maintenance operations for the structural restoration of artworks throughout Italy, divided into 22 Lots – Lot 16 – Puglia – Total amount: € 30.000.000,00
  • COMUNE DI GENOVA – Executive design and execution of the line extension works Brin – Canepari and Brignole – Martinez sections of the Genova metro line – Total amount: € € 47.102.982,58
  • INVITALIA – COMMISSARIO STRAORDINARIO UNICO – Works to complete the south-east wastewater collection system for the city of Palermo – 2° Lot – Total amount: € 13.465.398,85


THE CONPAT STABLE CONSORTIUM, based in Rome, with the aim of helping and developing the participation of major enterprises in the public works field, giving them the opportunity to access to the most important and qualified tenders and procurements, thanks to the effect of the combined skills acquired by its almost 87 consortium members and the benefits resulting from the collaboration between them. Manelli Impresa Srl became a CONPAT consortium member in August 2018.

RESEARCH CONSORZIO STABILE SCARL, one of the most consistent and prestigious Italian permanent consortia, as evidenced by the amount of companies with which fruitful collaboration projects have been launched: today it has almost 100 members throughout Italy and it stands as an absolutely complete General Contractor: it owns 90% of the SOA categories and an impressive turnover.

Medil Consorzio stabile

MEDIL CONSORZIO STABILE, a competitive and highly organized structure, with the possession of a SOA Certificate that boasts many general and specialist categories to meet the new needs of the public procurement market. The geographical diversification of the teams associated with Medil allows the Group to take advantage of the interesting risk-return dynamics in order to create a balanced portfolio of projects, such as to guarantee an increasing return profile which today has about 80 consortium members.