value of production in millions of EUR

The production value has almost doubled in 2019 (the equivalent of about €40 million) compared to 2018 and it has increased to more than four times the average of 2014-2016. For 2020, a production value of about €80 million is expected due to the backlog of the works picked up in 2018-2019, including:

  • EMILIA ROMAGNA REGION – design and building of the lot A (stage 1) of the Tecnopolo in Bologna, the former tobacco manufacture – total amount € 46.383.838,25
  • TRENITALIA SPA – The IMC plant in Bologna Centrale upgrading for Trenitalia SpA – total amount € 21.310.117,97
  • SITAF – safety tunnel for the main Fréjus tunnel -lot 3, external works on the italian platform – total amount € 15.820.879,21
  • TRENITALIA SPA – civil works and supplies for some industrial building reconversions in Florence Romito plant for new offices and operating facilities connected to the railway activities – total amount € 12.459.910,54
  • VIVIA BARI SRL – building renovation including demolition and reconstruction, extension and change of use of an industrial site located in Via Giulio Petroni, 134 / B in Bari – total amount € 13,000,000.00
  • COCIV – civil works, railway line and related works, as part of the construction of the AV / AC section “Terzo Valico dei Giovi”- Pozzolo Tortona lot – total amount € 74.149.175,24
  • THE INTEGRATED UNIVERSITY SANITARY COMPANY IN UDINE – building renovation of the institute of physical medicine and rehabilitation “Gervasutta” – total amount € 7.706.756,50
  • CCIAA VENEZIA-ROVIGO – The new CCIAA headquarters and experimental glass plant Venice -Mestre – total amount € 9.249.552,96

The order backlog related to the works in progress reaches more than € 210 mil. as of the 5th of July, 2019.


THE CONPAT STABLE CONSORTIUM, headquartered in Rome, incorporated with the objective of favoring the introduction and development of the companies in the field of public works, giving them the possibility to access more important and qualified auctions, due to the effect of the competences acquired from the approx. 50 consortia and advantages of the collaboration between them. Manelli Impresa Srl is one of the CONPAT consortia starting with August 2018.

RESEARCH CONSORZIO STABILE SCARL, one of the stable Italian consortia most consistent and prestigious, as many companies can confirm, with which there were started good collaboration projects: today, it counts about 80 shareholders all around Italy and it appears as an absolutely complet General Contractor: it holds 90% of the SOA categories and a taxable turnover.

FENIX CONSORZIO STABILE SCARL, competitive and well organized structure, that possesses a SOA certificate bragging with many general and specialized conditions to answer the new exigences of the public auctions market.