Innovation, trust, development and excellence: ways of achieving the great objectives.

Our motivation is based on the ability to formulate clear strategies, to ensure free-flowing information and to make employees more involved in the decisive challenges. Safety, reliability and technological development are our best instruments to meet the requests of our clients and to provide them the best solutions.

Growth, optimization and professionalism: 3 key words for a company designed towards future.

Management of complexity, evolution in the name of creativity, focusing objectives and increasing confidence to achieve them. Manelli Impresa Srl is based on a balanced entrepreneurial economy, on relations of correctness and trust towards clients and on the valorisation of work and the results obtained by its employee.

Respect for people and the social responsibility of the company: our fundamental values.

Manelli Impresa Srl believes in people and their role within its organizational structure and it is founded on the ethical and moral respect towards the people who, day by day, work and collaborate with the company, motivating the team spirit and a constant individual improvement. The company holds an integrated management system, subject to periodical thorough audits and certificated in matters of quality, environment, safety and social responsibility of the company.

“Management of complexity, evolution in the name of creativity,
focusing the objectives and increasing the confidence to achieve them.”

Sergio Onofrio Manelli – CEO & Founder