Works for the integration and completion of the Institute located in Contrada Rosatella

The renovation project involved a school complex dedication to students' formation in one of the main sectors for the economy of the Puglia region: the tourist-hotel sector. The works aimed the building overall, as well as the components of the building, and those of installations engineering.

The internal works were completed by making the plating, the flooring, the installation of all indoor doors and the fire doors.
All the power systems, including the two elevators, were built beginning with a new MT/BT cabin that supplies the entire building.

The installations on fluid required the building of a thermal plat, a system of fire extinguishing with water reserve, a system of drainage completed by a lifting system, an irrigation system and the system for the methane gas distribution.
The building was completed with the arrangement of all the exterior areas by creating parking spots and pedestrian routes.


A power cabin MT/BT was made, equipped with a high voltage power panel, through which the power utilities of the internal building are fed. There were made electric panels on the floors and area, equipped with devices for sectioning and protection of the power supply lines. All the lighting bodies were installed within any room of the building and the outdoor lighting system. All the power suppLy pipes were built at the thermal plant, the hydrological plant and against fire and the irrIgation system.

The intervention aims the making of a thermal plant with the installation of a high production plant equipped with burner and methane gas ramp and all the bodies and the accessories necessary for the feeding of the radiators present within any room of the building; with a hydrological reserve against fire with pressurisation group endowed with electric pump and motor pump UNI 9490 for the supply of the automated instalation against fire and with hydrants endowed with flexible handle for the installation on any floor of the building; with a system for lifting the used waters; with an irrigation system; with water and gas supply pumps from the respective points of handover of the supply Institutions.