Building a nursery and a maternal school in the ex maserati area, within the new Plan for the Rubattino / Maserati Urban Requalification

The City Hall of Milan, through this intervention, answered the urgent question of this typology of service within the new Rubattino / Maserati Urban Requalification Plan. The result is a coverage with architectural traditional and calm shapes, but with a technologically advanced "heart", capable to guarantee a high level of comfort in all seasons, together with reducing the consumption of the systems. To satisfy the needs of the small (and large) users, the spacious and light interiors were combined with an outdoor arrangement, green and full of trees and green fences. The buildings was made with innovatory ecological construction materials, with high thermo-insulating performance and optimises the energy exchange between outside and inside, ensuring an optimal comfort for the end users and an optimal energetic class. The typical characteristics of the traditional architecture integrates the modern elements and technological innovations, such as the flat roof for photovoltaic panels, the "light baskets" and the functional jointure of the inner spaces. The opening use at a maximum the natural ventilation and the solar light contribution in the rooms. The walls were conceived as to ensure the maximum reduction of the outdoor noise, of the noise made by punching and the noise coming from installations.

The Maternal School was designed to accommodate 5 sections with a total capacity of 135 children, while the Nursery was designed for 60 children distributed on 3 sections. The choice of the indoor and outdoor finishing accomplishes the maximum need and the practicality for the compliance with the hygiene and safety criteria.