Works of construction and restoration of buildings and infrastructure: lot 1 – at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) located in Ispra (VA)

Intervention of restructuring aimed a building made of 3 floors on surface and 1 underground, within the area of the Joint Development Centre of the European Commission located in Ispra (VA) within a wider frame agreement with a value of EUR 18 mil. and duration of 4 years. The project included interventions on the support frame, the total renovation of technological systems, as well as thermal adapting of the outer coating. In the entire building, the distribution of offices was restructured in accordance with the regulations in effect.

The entire building obtained an energetic certificate in class A and it was built in accordance with the strict international protocol for evaluation for the durable BREEAM ecologic buildings, obtaining the respective certificate. The building is equipped with an electronic system for heating and cooling. All the lighting installations are made with system of control based on the international DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) standard. The area outside the building was completely redeveloped, while the entry into the building is now characterized as elegant paving made of metal and Alucobond.