Restoration of the "Gervasutta" Institute for physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Renovation of the I.M.F.R. Gervasutta for the construction of a structure for the 3rd level of rehabilitation - 2nd intervention.

The Gervasutta Hospital has been hosting the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IMFR) since 1996 and, similarly to Hospital units, its structure must be continuously adapted to align with the transformations of therapeutic systems, with technological developments and with the ever-growing expectations of the Community.

The adjustment phase that is the subject of this Executive Project is called "Second Intervention", as an important renovation phase - "First Intervention" - ended with the construction of the New Hospital Pavilion and annexed protected health access, while the complete renovation will take place with the realization of the "Third Intervention" which at the present time has been developed at the Preliminary Design level.

All the works provided in this "Second Intervention" as well as those related to the "Third Intervention" are inserted and related to a consolidated and efficient health organization whose functions must not be interrupted, which represents, among all, the most critical dealt with in the planning stage and to be considered also in the implementation phase.
The area affected by the work, as mentioned above, is in fact currently used as a garden and is affected by the presence of a connecting path on two levels which must be eliminated as it is not compatible with the new project.
The new building is spread over four levels, all intended for healthcare and outpatient activities, and a fifth level at the top where the main technological systems will be located.
In addition, the choice of improvements was oriented towards the use of materials and / or products made up of a minimum content of post-consumer material, deriving from the recovery of waste and materials resulting from disassembly of complex products and possession of the CE marking.