Works of rectification between Montalto Rose and Toranotorano train stations, close to the manipulation Post Acri – Bisignano – Luzzi and the making of the works for the replacement of the railway crossing at km 50 + 056 on the railway Sibari – Cosenza located in Montalto Uffugo (CS)

Sibari - Cosenza railway line falls under the alternate itinerary for goods Giora Tauro - Taranto. Considering the strategical importance of the connection, interventions for renewal and modernization were planned to offer the entire route an adequate potential and performance. The Sibari - Cosenza line has about 68.7 km and it is characterized through a mainly flat route, through a bracket it is possible the making of the direct route of trains from Sibari on a new line Paola - Cosenza and, therefore, it represnets the link between the lines Tirrenica and the Adriatic (connection Sicilia - Puglia).

The intervention for improvement and acceleration, allocated as out works to the company Manelli Impresa Srl and that is situated in the locality of Acri/Montalto Uffugo, aims to intervene along some railway sections with sole sense to equalise the characteristics and remove the critical points, making rectifications which aim entirely the remaking of the railway structure.
The project for railway infrastructure provides interventions for:

  • extending the existing structure;
  • making new railway sections;
  • armoury;
  • hydraulic adjustments works;
  • power transmissiona;
  • changes and adaptations of the safety and telecommunications systems.

L The works develop in the province of Cosenza, crossing the localities of Lattarico and Montalto Uffugo for an extension of about 3750 km of the railway. The intervention will allow the speed of 150 km/h. The activities considered the presence of a high archaeological risk located in the locality of Montalto Uffugo. The works for acoustic amortization were also planned by using phonic barriers.

The 12 artworks of the section are made of 9 hydrological channels, 2 passages and 1 bridge (the width of the band is 9 m and the total length of the road is 12,5 m). The overall work implied changes of some traffic sections.

The work scheme provided the making of the work on stages, both by keeping in operating the railway and very short interruptions of traffic or during night.