Making the multifunctional building pre-fabricated with wood structure on street Via G. B. Boeri in Milan.

Intervention aiming the recovery, regulatory adaptation and reduction o risk in the Communal Buildings - PHASE 2

The City Hall of Milan, within the interventions on the communal buildings defined by Auction 68/2013, promoted the making of a new structure on Street VIA G. B. BOERI, meant for the improvement of the Local Police School.

Besides the theatrical shows dedicated to children and their family, the new building accommodates more activities in the field of traffic education promoted by the local Police in Milan and aims the schools in the city to raise the awareness of children and citizens on the fundamental issues of the traffic safety. To implement new and effective communication strategies, the project also aimed the organization of a series of training classes for all of the officers of the Local Police. During the evening classes, the structure continues to diversify destination in order to adapt to a series of activities for elders, to promote socializing and the quality of life for elders.

The building was made using a wood reticular structure, with mineral fiber walls, interior walls and a double roof, with an curled sheet coverage, all made of corresponding internal separating walls. All the construction components are accordingly insulated as to get a maximum comfort and energy economy. There were made separated sanitary groups, a new power system and all the necessary finishing and completion works.