Execution of works and supply for the reconversion of certain industrial buildings in Florence Romito with office destination and structures for exercise, correlated with railway activities.

The recovery and renovation project of the ex engine workshops of Firenze Romito for Trenitalia offices is part of the wider overall reorganization of the Firenze railway junction, which, following the entry into operation of the Osmannoro Railway Hub, sees large volumes in the area of the Romito locomotive warehouse, made available by the disused of maintenance activities, currently subject to progressive and uncontested degradation.
The recovery of engine workshops A, B and C involves the following processes on the building envelope:

  • The demolition of structures built in adherence to the perimeter walls;
  • The restoration of the walls from the widespread degradation phenomena due to the infiltration of rainwater through the integral demolition of the internal and external plasters and the creation of ventilated cavity at the foot of the perimeter walls;
  • The complete renovation of the roof covering and the replacement of the rainwater disposal system;
  • The construction of disposable formwork for ventilated foundations;
  • The installation of an internal coat in adherence to the vertical infill walls to ensure adequate thermal insulation for the new destination;
  • The replacement of all external frames with steel frames with thermal break and double glazing, with frames with thicknesses and partitions similar to the existing ones.